Coaching Methodology

SPORTFIT Badminton Academy approaches the training format with a systematic coaching methodology that focusses on a holistic personal development of the athlete. 

      - Game Skills: Technique, Strokes, Strategy

      - On-Court Movement: Footwork, Shadows

      - Physical Conditioning: Strength, Stamina, Speed, Balance, Agility, Explosive Power, Flexibility

      - Mind: Intuition, Focus, Concentration, Co-ordination, Confidence, Observation = Higher Intelligence

      - Education: Game Theory, Sports Science, Neuroscience (Science of Mind), Nutrition 

Training Categories

According to the skill-level of the athlete, we have segmented our training modules. The aim of the academy is to transform a beginner athlete into a professional badminton player. We maintain a separate personal development file for each athlete and track periodic progress.

The personal file includes aspects such as screening and evaluation results at the admission time, monthly skill level evaluations, monthly fitness test results, tournament achievements and so on. The documented results help the coaches analyse the pace of progress, skill level improvement and help the athlete to continuously improve his/her game skills and fitness levels. All this is done using scientific tools and methodology. 

We have segmented our training categories based on the skill levels. They are - 

  • Beginner Level 1
  • Beginner Level 2
  • Basic Level
  • Higher Basic Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Pre Semi-Advanced Level
  • Semi-Advanced Level
  • Advanced Level 1
  • Advanced Level 2
  • Professional Level

Based on various parameters of evaluations, athletes are either promoted to the next level / module or required to repeat / continue to practice in the current level/module until they meet the evaluation scores required to move ahead. 

Special Coaching Sessions

Each athlete has strengths & weaknesses. In order to expedite the process of improvement, the weaknesses have to be quickly turned into strengths by individual and special focus on improvement areas. These aspects can be technical, tactical, strategical, physical or mental in nature and depending upon what aspect needs to be focused on, we have designed "Special Coaching Sessions" to help our athletes overcome their shortcomings at their earliest.

These special coaching sessions are on a "per session paid basis" and the charges depend upon the nature of the improvement area. These sessions are planned after detailed discussion with our Chief Coach and evaluation results. Only upon recommendation by our Chief Coach and our Soft-Skills Consultant, the athlete shall be enrolled for the "Special-Coaching Sessions".